Captain's Trail



4.97 km long
round trip
difficulty: easy
condition: easy
City walk
  • 01:17 h
  • 42 m
  • 43 m
  • 1 m
  • 35 m
  • 34 m
  • 4.97 km
  • start: Flensburg maritime museum
  • destination: Flensburg maritime museum
An eventful maritime city walk
When a sailing ship arrived at Flensburg harbour in the 19th century, its captain had a variety of tasks to perform. Goods had to be cleared through customs and prepared for unloading. Needful repairs to the ship's hull or masts were discussed with the craftsmen, and new helmsmen or sailors were hired.
The Captain’s trail follows a Flensburg-captain on his tour after landing. The path is tagged with floor markers. Station signs describe the historical maritime locations along this path. In addition, you may learn much more about Flensburg's maritime history at Maritime Museum ”Schifffahrtsmuseum Flensburg” (Station 1). This is actually also the starting point of the Captains' Trail.
We wish you exciting discoveries and lots of fun!
Each station can be accessed on site via a QR code attached to the information board at the bottom left.

Markings in the pavements show the way.


Flensburg maritime museum
0 m
Kapitänsweg Station 8 - Pilkentafel
0 m
Kapitänsweg Station 14 - Norderstraße 40-44


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  • Cultural Interesting

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  • Loop Road

  • Stop at an Inn

  • Suitable for Winter

  • Tour with Dog


Getting there
Flensburger Schifffahrtsmuseum
Schiffbrücke 39
24937 Flensburg